farewell gitdigger

It’s with great regret that I need to shutdown the hardware and say goodbye to my gitdigger project. There are a few reasons and I will try and address them in this post.

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octopress update

After DEF CON I thought it would be wise to maybe blog about my Vegas antics and the classes I attended. I also thought it would be a smart idea to update octopress. The former was a good idea; the latter caused my site to die. I’ve rebuilt everything from scratch with the latest and greatest so if you notice any errors on the site please let me know. Thank you! [Read More]

python-graphviz: A New Way of Looking At The Data of Things

At my new job (and some of my personal projects) I found myself looking at a ton of text. Upon reviewing all this data, which could be anything from json, csv or just plain text, my eyes tend to bleed. It can quite quickly become confusion as to which data I’ve looked at or how that data relates to everything else.

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Fun with Shapeoko


I’ve been looking for a micro project to get some use out of my Shapeoko. What’s more fun then a 5.25 floppy disk coaster?

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The Everyday Carry Handcuff Key


This is a very small inconspicuous handcuff key I found in one of my RSS feeds. I’m not sure why, but I had to check them out. I like the small footprint and it clips nicely on a belt loop or on the webbing of my daily carry bag. I don’t like that it’s made of stainless steel; it’s something that you could easily forget about while going through a metal detector.

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