The Professional Thief

by Edwin Sutherland

This book was written by researching and talking with a professional thief. The slang and mentality is from the 1900s. My initial thoughts were not very favorable when I was about 60 pages into the book. I couldn’t see what information I could get out of the book that wanted covered in the movie/play Oliver or the more relevant BBC show hustle. I’m not one to put down a book I’ve set to read so I carried on.

The story is a very good tail right from the horses mouth. If you ever wondered what might have been pure movie magic verses how a real thief really felt about other thiefs as well as amateurs thiefs. It’s amazing how much that went on in the 1900s still applies today and how we as a human-race still fall for the same tactics that have been passed down from thief to thief.

I enjoyed the conclusion where the author tries to breakdown the profession of thief into simple rule sets and how they seem to view themselves as a whole.