My exploits from hacker summercamp!


left to right: Mubix, WiK


I spent most of my time Thursday over at BSidesLV. I did take some time off to sneak over to the Blackhat Expo. I didn’t have a pass, but it doesn’t take much to sneak into that event and grab some swag. That night I saw Zumanity, it was ok, but overall for a “vegas” show it was a bit disappointing.


Spent most of my morning in the wireless village as staff, and then checking out the vendor area and everything that was going on.


My day consisted of a few talks, staffing the wireless village. I spent most of the nite bouncing all over the events going on at DEFCON, so much to see and do! I had to go to bed a big sooner then one normal does at DEFCON, as I was speaking early the next morning


Sunday is always a bit weird for me. I’m ready to be out of vegas and home, yet sad everything is quickly coming to an end. I saw the PIN UP show over at the stratosphere which was the biggest waste of money i ever found. It was neither pinup, and the headlining star didn’t do much but stand still and “giggle” every 10 mins or so. I now know what you do with a playboy playmate if they can’t sing, dance, or act.