farewell gitdigger

It’s with great regret that I need to shutdown the hardware and say goodbye to my gitdigger project. There are a few reasons and I will try and address them in this post.


Where I am located my only option is DSL (and yes, I know how much this service sucks). After two years the family is a bit tired of the slow internet and the crappy looking netflix since I am hogging all the bandwidth. My only option is to purchase a second business account (either cable or dsl) which are both pretty pricey.


There are so many changes I’d like to make to the code base to make it better and faster, but I just don’t have the time to do so. At this point any change requires a good bit of thought on how to make that change over the existing dataset, which is huge. I also don’t have time to write the code to pull out all the expliots and interesting things I find as I get more and more into my new job.


To truely take this project to the next step its going to involve funding for bandwidth, hosting, and data analitics. Without funding I’ll only ever be able to look at a small (and outdated) part of the picture.


I think its time for something else, perhaps something with a bit more of a challenge. Not much more I can say about this, but I’m sure many of you will understand what I mean.

I want to thank everyone who has helped support this project over the last few years I’ve had a great time doing talks about it and the many things that the data can be used for (both good and bad).

Thank you,