NoVA Hackers DEFCON 22 Badges

The NoVA Hackers is an infosec group from the northern Virginia DC area. As a member I thought it was time we had our own DEFCON style badges while in Vegas (much like many of the other infosec groups). It was just a random idea that the rest of the group loved, so over the past 8 months it has been a constant off again and on again project.

The badge was based on the open source hardware design from Wyolumn. Their site has all the details about the badge so i wont get too deep into the hardware in this post.

In case you don’t want to read all the tech specs and such here is a general overview. It is arduino based with an eink display ,which could also be used as an arduino shield. It had a 2gb SD card that you could load images and text from to show on the display. You were also able to program the badge using the arduino IDE, which should make modifying the badges pretty easy for anyone.

One of my favorite parts about this project was being able to auction a few of the badges off to raise money for charities. We raised a total of $750 for Hackers for Charity between left over funds from the project as well as their auction in the vendor area. We also raised $150 at the EFF Summit. I also want to show off Tech-Rat’s badge:


  • Defcon 22 Badge
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Wifi
  • Raspberry Pi B (with touchscreen)
  • Weight of 2lbs (approx)
  • Lord knows what else he attached…