I Did A Thing...or Two

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted any type of update. So here are some photos of things I’ve made over the last few years.


Above are the DEFCON 19 Badges I did for NovaHackers. I made them by spray painting the acrylic before I put it into the laser. It took a few good tries to find the correct settings as the laser wanted to melt/burn the paint.


Above are the badges for Novahackers Epilouge 2019. This was the first badge that I was able to make 100% electronic.


I Don’t remember where I got the idea for this, but i made a bunch and handed them out at DEFCON. See if you can find the hidden words in the hex.


DEFCON 27 NovaHackers badge.


I had some random acrylic laying around with nothing to do, so i made a bunch of these guys to hand out at DEFCON 27.