I’ve always just worked with one GitHub account (my personal one), and then came octopress. I wanted to convert all the sites I manage from WordPress to octopress. Everything went well until running rake deploy.

Step 1: Create a new SSH key

I had to generate a new SSH key for the second GitHub account.

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "your-email-address"

Be sure not to over-write your existing key (~/.ssh/id_rsa). I named mine id_rsa_ACCOUNT.

Step 2: Attach the new key to the GitHub Account.

I.m not going to go into any details here, it should be pretty obvious what you need to do.

Step 3: Create a config file

This config file is where all the magic happens. This is what allows you to specify which account to use when pushing things to GitHub.

touch ~/.ssh/config
vim ~/.ssh/config

Add the following to the file

Host github.com
  HostName github.com
  User git
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Host github-ACCOUNT
  HostName github.com
  User git
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa_ACCOUNT

Step 3: Testing

Now when pushing to your different accounts you can specify which one.


git remote add origin git@github-ACCOUNT:username/repo.git
git push origin master

Today I completed my Shapeoko 2 build. Following the instuctions on their wiki was pretty straight forward. There are a few key items I will share in case you order one yourself.

  • Order the arduino mount and fan. It’s an extra $50 but very worth it.
  • The brass parts require 3 washers and are VERY easy to bottom out and break. Not so easy to get replacements.
  • Order the upgraded base plate. It has threaded holes for easily holding down your material. I have not done this yet, but it may be my next upgrade.

Now the fun can begin as I come up with ideas to make/mill.

Today my Shapeoko 2 has arrived. For those who don’t know what this is; it’s a desktop CNC Mill from Inventables. I’ve put about 1/3rd of it together so far. Pictuers and what I do with it may be posted in the future.

Tonight I was asked why someones iPhone 5 (or maybe it was a 5s) didn’t show up in iTunes. Luckly they had their laptop with them. The OS was Windows 8 so your milage may vary.

The Solution

Open Control Panel, then click on Hardware and Sound and then look for Apple iPhone. Right-click on it, choose Properties and then click the Hardware tab. Clickon Properties and then the Change settings button.

Click on the Driver tab and Update Driver, then Browse my computer for driver software.

Now browse to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers and click Ok, then Next. You’ll either see a message saying that the best driver is already installed, or a new driver will be installed. If the latter, your iPhone should now show up in iTunes.

This year the wife and I stayed at a Haunted B&B and did 2 ghost hunts. We.ve never done either before and it sounded like. The .hunts. were fun, walking around a haunted location with some other people and using the equipment then you see on all the ghost shows. I bought a small voice recorder while out and about to leave running in the room while we slept.

Here are some sounds I caught in the night in the mist of my snores. One sounds like its saying my name .Jaime., one sounds like a weird moan, and I can.t make out the third one.

Warning: You may have to turn your volumne really high to hear them. I did not edited the audio other then to pull them out of a 4 hr recording.