BSidesDE Spawncamp and My Spawn

A few weeks ago while attending BSidesDC I found out that BSidesDE was planning a kids event this year. The moment my kids heard the word minecraft all bets went out of the window and they just HAD to be there.

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NoVA Hackers DEFCON 22 Badges

The NoVA Hackers is an infosec group from the northern Virginia DC area. As a member I thought it was time we had our own DEFCON style badges while in Vegas (much like many of the other infosec groups). It was just a random idea that the rest of the group loved, so over the past 8 months it has been a constant off again and on again project.

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The Everyday Carry Handcuff Key


This is a very small inconspicuous handcuff key I found in one of my RSS feeds. I’m not sure why, but I had to check them out. I like the small footprint and it clips nicely on a belt loop or on the webbing of my daily carry bag. I don’t like that it’s made of stainless steel; it’s something that you could easily forget about while going through a metal detector.

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Review: Grid-it

This is the perfect item for your redteamer (or toy) bag. All the little gadgets that normally just flop around on the bottom of my bag are now neatly in one place, and I can find them in a hurry.

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